Nickel plating

Nickel plating

Nickel plating technique is that a thin layer of nickel is applied on metal objects. Nickel may be decorative and provides resistance to corrosion. In our company we offer shine nickel.
Material or product, which will be nickel plating must be clean and free of dirt, corrosion and other elements. We assure nickel plating on racks or drums. Treatments vary depending on the type of material and the requirements of our customers. In any processing our clients are advised on the best treatment according to their requirements.
All workpieces are first cleaned in ultrasound and fats free in degreasing tanks. Then follows activation of the material in a variety of salts and acids. Thereafter, articles may be treated. At the end of each plating process is followed by washing and drying.

Decorative bright nickel is used in a wide range of applications. It offers a high luster finish, corrosion protection, and wear resistance.

Nickel plating can be used for a variety of different things:

  • It creates a corrosion resistant coating that will protect the base metal from oxidizing and rusting. It is frequently used in food processing to prevent contamination with iron.
  • It can increase the hardness and thus the durability of mechanical parts and tools.
  • It can allow you to solder to difficult metals.
  • It can create a variety of beautiful decorative finishes that range from a chrome-like gleam, to brushed stainless steel color, to a metallic black. It just so happens that black nickel plating is used frequently in aerospace applications

Nickel Plating can be a simple and effective way of applying a nickel plate over steel, iron, copper, brass, zincated aluminum and copper alloys.



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