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Galvanization Štricelj is a family company, which is engaged in galvanization since 1968. Years have brought us valuable experience, a new generation brought us fresh knowledge, future vision and development of the company. We offer the following galvanization treatment options:

We offer both drums as the racks for galvanization process. With the drums objects are immersed in a variety of baths. The desired coating is applied to objects during the rotation of the drum with object touching each other. This process can only apply to items where mechanical damage is not possible.

If the objects are treated on racks, they are jointly soaked in different baths together with the racks. On racks are usually treated more specific subjects, as this method provides a quality inspection during the processing itself.

Our aim is the highest quality of our work and rapid implementation. In most cases, our clients receive the processed items within couple of days. We deal primarily with more complex objects.

Due to many years of experience in the field of electroplating, all of our clients are advised before every treatment on the best treatment options, depending on their preferences. For every client we work and adapt to the fullest extent.


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Galvanizacija Štricelj Miha, s.p.
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