Silver Plating and Silver Patina

Silver Plating and Silver Patina

Silver plating is electroplating process of applying silver, which is a corrosion-resistant, on steel, aluminum, copper, bronze or stainless steel. Due to the excellent conductivity of silver is often used for application to the electrical components. It is also used in the aviation industry in the turbine engine for its extremely lubricity, even at high temperatures. For the same reason it is sometimes used as a coating for different tools.
Silvering in use since the 18th century to provide cheaper versions of household items that would otherwise be made of solid silver, including accessories, vessels of different types and candlesticks. For use in electronics, silver is sometimes used to plate the copper, since its electrical conductivity is lower. Variable capacitors are considered the highest quality, if they are silver plated.

Silver antique finish is usually performed on decorative objects on which customers want an antique or vintage look of it.

Material or product, which will be silver plated must be clean and free of dirt, corrosion and other defilements. Silver plating is offered on racks or drums. Treatments vary depending on the type of material and the requirements of our customers. At any galvanization process our clients are advised on the best treatment according to their requirements.
All workpieces – items are first cleaned in ultrasound and fats free in degreasing tanks. Then, follows activation of the material in a variety of salts and acids. Thereafter, workpieces may be treated. At the end of each electroplating process is followed by washing and drying.


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